Acceptance Testing is vital to ensuring that new and refurbished machinery is operating properly. Trust MTI for your third party acceptance testing needs and be sure that newly-installed machinery meets contract requirements and gets off on the right track from the get go. Our highly-trained reliability engineers will meet your standards or work with you to develop acceptance testing standards to meet your needs and will evaluate machinery upon installation to ensure all criteria is met. Because of the tremendous impact proper acceptance testing can have on the lifetime of equipment, some insurance companies require that acceptance testing via PdM Technologies is performed.

Installation errors, OEM errors, or rebuild shop errors do happen and can result in early equipment failure and even catastrophic damage during commissioning or within the 1st year of operation. Ensuring that new and rebuilt equipment operates correctly and as designed from day one will provide the owner with the maximum intended operating rating life the equipment.

At MTI we have a saying “if left untested during commissioning, the equipment will operate a year and a day before problems are found”, which generally coincides with the expiration of the warranty period.

MTI’s Acceptance Testing includes:

  • Start Up Vibration Analysis
  • Critical Frequency/Resonance Checks of VFD Machines
  • Laser Shaft Alignment Inspection
  • V-belt Alignment Tensioning and Run Out Checks
  • Infrared Thermography of Electrical Distribution Systems & Boilers
  • VFD Induced Shaft Voltage Testing of VFD Motors
  • Motor Circuit Analysis
  • Oil Analysis

With more than 26 years serving as one of New England’s premier predictive maintenance engineering services providers, MTI’s third party acceptance testing engineering services ensure that your new and replaced equipment provides the highest lifetime value. MTI performs acceptance testing for a wide range of companies across New England and have documented savings of more than $1.5 million dollars for Mohegan Sun Casino during their expansion.

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Acceptance Testing