Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is recognized to be the most essential PdM technology utilized to assess the operating health of rotating machinery. When left unchecked, excessive vibration can lead to premature equipment wear, failed components as well as catastrophic failures and unnecessary downtime

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MTI’s reliability engineers employ state-of-the art Emerson/CSI 2140® four-channel analyzers with on board advanced diagnostic capabilities for performing cross channel phase analysis, modal analysis, coast down and start up analysis, shaft orbits, multi-plane balancing, ODS analysis, high resolution analysis, etc.

Coupled with our 20-channel vibration analysis systems and software, MTI can provide vibration analysis of turbine systems or any other system that requires simultaneous measurement at multiple points while obtaining speed and phase data for accurate analysis.  MTI can also use our 20-channel systems to monitor vibration remotely.

Our vibration analysis tools are primarily used on rotating equipment for the early detection, analysis and correction of detrimental forces. Vibration analysis is applicable for all rotating machinery including motor and drive units such as AC/DC motors, turbines and diesel engines as well as rotating and reciprocating driven units including pumps (centrifugal, positive displacement), fans, gearboxes, compressors, machining centers, generators and more.  Mechanical, electrical or process related vibration problems all contribute to unnecessary strain on machinery and equipment, and detecting and correcting problems early is essential to maximizing machinery up-time and reducing costs.

Common Vibration Issues:

  • Imbalance
  • Coupling, sheave and bearing misalignment
  • Loose or faulty bearings
  • Worn or faulty gears
  • Structural or component looseness
  • Faulty, loose v-belts
  • System resonance
  • Cavitation, turbulence and rubbing


Vibration FAQ:

How often should vibration analysis be performed?

Several factors such as equipment run time, criticality, environmental conditions, etc. help determine how often vibration needs to be performed.  On equipment that runs year round, quarterly vibration analysis is recommended as a minimum frequency. However, many manufacturing environments require monthly vibration analysis on critical machinery.

What issues can be found with vibration analysis?

Vibration analysis can help diagnose many issues ranging from improper lubrication to electrical defects. Some of the most common issues found are: bearing defects, equipment imbalance, coupling/sheave misalignment, looseness, resonance, and gear defects.

The equipment I need to monitor is in a difficult to access location, how can vibration readings be taken?

For equipment that is difficult to access while it is in operation, MTI can either temporarily mount or permanently install sensors to easily take readings on the equipment. Contact us for more information.

What vibration amplitudes would be considered excessive?

The amplitude of the vibration that causes concern can vary depending on the type of equipment, speed, load, frequency and history. While MTI does have default alert/alarm levels based on industry standards and 30+ years of experience, each piece of equipment and its function should be taken into account when making an assessment.

I have one piece of equipment that is constantly breaking down and needs new bearings. What can MTI do to help?

Sometimes, replacing bearings or other components of the problem machine is only solving a symptom of the vibration and not the root cause of the issue. Using advanced vibration related techniques such as bump tests, modal analysis, cross-channel analysis, continuous monitoring and phase analysis, MTI can determine the root cause of the issue and help prevent future down time.

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