MTI provides ultrasonic noise and leak detection for monitoring vacuum systems, steam traps, compressed air systems, and valves for leaks. Ultrasonic leak and noise detection is also used in conjunction with infrared thermography to identify issues such as arching or corona discharge on higher voltage electrical systems, transformers, switches, etc. MTI uses UE Systems or SDT testers for ultrasonic leak and noise monitoring

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Ultrasonic Testing Applications Include:

  • Compressed Air Surveys
  • Steam Trap/Valve Audits
  • Equipment Specific Leak Detection
  • Mechanical Inspection


Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing technology analyzes sound waves to detect the thickness of different materials. It is primalry used to to detect and measure corrosion in piping and tanks. Because sound travels through different materials at different speeds, ultrasonic technology can asses the thickness of different materials. Thickness testing on piping and vessels that house corrosive materials can help identify which pipes and vessels need to be replaced before leaks or catastrophic failures occur.

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Ultrasonic Testing