Headquartered in Milford, CT, Maintenance Technologies International, LLC (“MTI”) was established in 1988 as a maintenance management, consulting, reliability and engineering services company and was one of the first companies in the US to offer consulting expertise for designing and implementing in-house predictive maintenance (PdM) programs. Presently, MTI employs a full complement of reliability field service engineers with BSME and BSEE degrees, representing a combined 70 years experience in predictive maintenance. Although based in New England, MTI has provided predictive maintenance solutions to clients around the world.

All MTI engineering personnel work in the field as PdM/Reliability/Maintenance Engineering Specialists and are fully cross-trained to perform all Predictive Maintenance services.

Our engineers are all fully qualified to do their own data analysis (no data dogs at MTI).

By having fully cross trained reliability engineers as well as owning multiple pieces of all the primary diagnostic PdM tools, MTI can provide our customers greater flexibility to schedule work in accordance with their needs, rather than at vendor availability. All of the equipment and software MTI uses is what is referred to in industry and PdM circles as “best-of-breed.”

Headquartered in southern Connecticut, MTI’s primary service area is New York, New Jersey and New England, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. While based in the Northeast, MTI has performed services for customers throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Japan.

MTI is a totally independent 3rd party service provider without other potentially conflicting business purposes. MTI’s capabilities and experience in PdM services are unmatched in New England, and our dedication to helping clients meet their needs makes MTI the region’s premier predictive maintenance provider.

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