“Say Goodbye to not knowing the condition or when or what is due for PdM testing”

MTI’s proprietary “Status at a Glance™” software eliminates the need for you to worry about the status of your equipment, because we do it all for you! The software database helps MTI manage your PdM program.

Status At a Glance allows MTI to:

  • Enter all your critical equipment into the software database
  • Assign the applicable PdM tasks to each piece of equipment
  • Enter the initial test date for each technology
  • Record the dates the tasks are completed
  • Calculate new due dates by test for each piece of equipment
  • Assign the condition code for each test
  • Obtain reports on the testing needs of your equipment
  • Identify any actions that needs to be performed
  • Assure our customers that they can always know the state of there equipment

One of the primary benefits of the Status at a Glance program is that it combines data from all your equipment into one database. Instead of having to keep track of multiple databases for different technologies, MTI will aggregate all of that data into one simple report with actionable items and recommendation easily identified.

Once inspection on your equipment has been performed, MTI will send your Status at a Glance report to the equipment manager or any appropriate staff. Our Status at a Glance sets MTI apart from other maintenance providers because we provide data on all the different PdM technologies in one place.

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Status at a Glance™