Cooling Towers

MTI offers cooling tower assessments of new and existing cooling tower fan cells and associated pumps using our full complement of predictive maintenance testing and analysis technologies. Ensure that your cooling tower is operating at peak efficiency with MTI’s proven cooling tower maintenance expertise.

Cooling Tower Maintenance Services Include:

  • Perform visual inspections of the entire fan system; take pictures, record notes and provide recommendations as needed.
  • Perform and document the following critical fan operational checks:  Blade Pitch, Blade Tip to Shroud Clearance, and Blade Tracking.
  • On V-belt driven systems, inspect V-belts and sheaves for proper condition, belt tension and sheave alignment.
  • On coupling and/or drive shaft driven systems, inspect coupling components, drive shaft, perform hub and shaft dial indicator run out checks, and perform a laser alignment check of the motor to the gear box.
  • Magnetically mount temporary vibration transducers with long cables on the fan bearings and motors and with fan running at normal loads and speeds perform vibration analysis on the fan systems.  Perform bump tests as deemed necessary on the motor/drive shaft/gear box, etc.
  • For fans on a VFD, perform critical frequency tests to make sure that the fan will not run at a resonant speed.
  •  Perform shaft voltage tests on motors driven by VFD’s.
  •  Perform on-line and off-line motor circuit tests to evaluate electrical condition of the entire circuit from the bottom of the starter through the motor itself.
  •  Perform an infrared scan of the electrical cabinet in the MCC and the local disconnects.
  •  As applicable, pull an oil sample from the gear box and perform an oil analysis evaluation.
  •  Put together and distribute the final report including the findings, results and recommendations from the above work.

The above work will provide cooling tower owners the inspection & testing required to ensure that the running reliability of the fan system is acceptable as well as to help identify maintenance needs.

Cooling Tower Inspection FAQ

What kind of issues can be present on a cooling tower?

Cooling towers are by nature exposed to the elements and can acquire damage throughout the year. It’s not uncommon to find some of the following issues:

  • Blade damage
  • Blade Tracking and Pitch issues
  • Plugged or blocked blade drain holes
  • Damaged drip elimination panels
  • Corrosion build-up
  • Misaligned drives (either belt driven or coupled shaft)
  • Resonance vibration at specific frequency ranges

How often should cooling towers be tested?

Since different towers have different applications and different run times throughout the year, it can vary. However, in general having a cooling tower inspection once or twice per year would bring enough information to make a proper assessment on the tower’s condition.

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