When two machines are coupled any misalignment will cause vibration issues. Depending on the severity of the misalignment, vibration can result in unnecessary wear, bearing failure, seal breakage as well as damage to the coupling itself. MTI’s coupling and shaft alignment services are routinely used on pumps, compressors, generators, gearboxes, fans and various direct drives. Improper alignment of the centerline rotation is one of the leading causes of machine damage and can result in significant damage to the machinery. Even without damage, improperly aligned shafts and coupling will result in machinery not performing at maximum efficiency as well as increased use of power.

MTI will diagnose any shaft and couplings to ensure they are properly aligned. There are four misalignment categories: Vertical Offset (VO), Vertical Angularity (VA), Horizontal Offset (HO), and Horizontal Angularity (HA).

Problems caused by shaft misalignment include:

  • Coupling wear
  • Seal wear
  • Bearing damage
  • Machine vibration
  • Gear wear

Don’t let improperly balanced shafts and couplings damage your operation. MTI’s highly trained staff will diagnose and correct any imbalance issues, ensuring your operation is running at maximum efficiency.

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Coupling / Shaft Alignment